I hope all my readers had an amazing Thanks-Giving and you kissed up, hugged up and loved up on family all day long.  I kind of stayed in my house until 4:30pm, it was the first time I was not asked to help cook and I didn’t offer to assist with anything. My vegan family thanks-giving meal was a fail but you know…

These people (my family) act like everything was all good. We don’t need your help bring something to drink for everybody. I trusted them, knowing they still have a hard time with my plant based lifestyle. I get asked the same question every year and every time I get a call.. “what do we feed you” after I explained this for the 100th time we still have hiccups.  It’s all good though, I was happy to see everyone and ya girl had back-up food at home.

We all have back-up food and plates to take home. Now the day has passed and it’s time to shop, eat leftovers then eat left overs again.  You may be wondering what to do with all that food, here are my top three things.

  1. Make a tofu hash for breakfast, add tofu and use the left over vegetables.
  2. Make a stir fry for lunch/dinner, use those side and add rice either brown or cauliflower is well.
  3. Freeze the left-overs for Christmahanakwanzika, whatever you celebrate let’s eat!

Spread the love and share this tip with friends!  After the next holiday, give it up because it’s time to get in the gym and get healthy with me. Learn more at Eating Well with DeChantell..Link

Live Well,