How often do you look in the mirror and like what you see?

If you answered often, that’s great! My self reflection wasn’t the best experience in the past.  Honestly, I didn’t give myself enough credit for seeing beauty within and saying you are beautiful Stephanie just the way you are.

My surroundings told me beauty was earned in the gym with men wanting bigger pecs, thicker legs, and a 6 pack of abs. I also experienced women wishing for bigger breasts, smaller breasts, tighter abs, and smaller thighs with a gap. I’m not saying they’re wrong for wanting to update their outer appearance, I just want to encourage working on your inner self as well.

Years ago I thought to be healthy you had to be thin so I starved myself and exercised excessively to attempt to look like models on the covers of magazines. It didn’t take long to figure out if you don’t supply your body with fuel it will become tired and sick.

My realization that being thin doesn’t equal health happened when I hit rock bottom and could not function or live life normally anymore.  At that time I made myself a promise to take care of my body. Our bodies are gifts and should not be taken for granted. When we take care of ourselves not only do we feel better physically, it affects our overall health mentally. Health is not defined by shape or size. Health is being happy, having confidence, and learning how to love ourselves in addition to being free of disease.  

Note to Self:

We are too critical on ourselves and are quick to point out negative qualities opposed to positive ones.  Loving our own body is difficult, but what we don’t realize is that we are perfect and unique in our own way as we are intended to be.

Stephanie Caputo,