Hold up, Hold up, foot stomp!  Yes it was that good that I had to double back and get your attention, plus you know something is good when the foot stomp come out. Enough being extra, let me get to this wonderful foodie experience.

I ate at this vegan restaurant in Toronto and it made me consider using my roaming minutes to call them and say “Hey This Food Good”!  I’m also considering driving back right now for dinner, book a hotel room (Toronto is a 2 hour drive from Buffalo) and stay for Sunday Brunch!    Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating again or not.. this could totally be a YouTube trip. I want you to understand “THE HOGTOWN VEGAN” delivered quality options when it comes to vegan comfort food.

At first glance looking at the logo online with a pig! I was like NO and passed over it,  but I went back to look at the menu in true foodie fashion because nothing else on that yelp app looked appealing for vegans. Let me say that all a vegan needs to see on the menu is mac and cheese and you’ve already sold them. That’s when I took the menu seriously and began to scroll some more and saw was collard greens, sweet potato mash, mac and cheese. AGAIN SOLD! I tell my friends this is it “THE HOGTOWN VEGAN” let go.  I will say we almost missed eating here because they don’t take reservations, my friends were hangry but they stuck it through because they love me. I encourage you, especially if you love me to stay and wait. The table turnover was fast.

This place did not disappoint, while we waited at the bar a few drinks were ordered and they had some cookies what my name all over them (hangry folks). We enjoyed the company of each other over drinks and snacks.

Once seated of course we order appetizers, the Shitake Fried Clams and the Chili “Cheese” Fries was a party in our mouth. The clams came out and tasted exactly like I remembered having, the sauce on those chili fries was amazing. We placed entrée orders for the Southern Combo, Bacon Cheeseburger and the “UnChicken and Waffles”. Listen Linda, Listen.. That UnChicken and Waffles was not my plate and was the best option of all three entrees. I’ve never had chicken and waffles vegan style unless I make them myself and my waffles are from the box. THE HOGTOWN VEGAN waffle was homemade with just enough syrup pre-drizzled, topped with chicken, vegan chicken. Real talk black folks don’t want you to drizzle no syrup for them but I was satisfied and did not need more syrup. Plus it wasn’t my food anyways but I seriously wanted to switch plates with my friend because it was a new experience for me and was super jealous of her plate.  I’ve been dreaming about visiting THE HOGTOWN VEGAN again and would order three meals for myself but share with the table…maybe.

I recommend if you to visit and please order the “Unchicken and Waffles” don’t leave without ordering desert and try something you never thought was possible meatless. I’ll post pictures on our Instagram @Living_Well_De and be sure to follow them as well on social media @HOGTOWNVEGAN.

Splurge on that menu and experience the entire place.

Live Well,