First let me say prior to becoming vegan, I loved pasta and this was not something on my compromise list to give up. As I’ve grown in the journey my mindset has changed, I eat way more veggie pasta (zucchini,carrot, beet) than I use to and I now shop for quinoa or brown rice pasta. That’s life inside the house of De but when I go out it’s something else.

I step out often for dinner either by myself or with friends to Kaydara Noodle Bar for dinner. I couldn’t believe this place wasn’t on my blog but you may be familiar with them from my Instagram or Facebook post.

Trust me you’ve seen pictures because I absolutely love this place. I take my family here, my friends love it or else they’re not real friends, I had my birthday dinner here. I know the owner (Jen), the waiter and waitress have my order by memory.  I think you get that this place is solid for me. The local vibe and fresh herbs used for cooking made to order meals in an open kitchen gives me life. More people should check this place out.

Kaydara Noodle Bar at 777 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203 in downtown Buffalo serves lunch and dinner. The menu is diverse in it’s offering and the cooking style is Southeast Asia inspired. You can make just about anything vegan friendly in this place, my suggestion is to always say hold the fish sauce and let the staff know you’re vegan.

I’m going to describe my favorite meals on the appetizer and dinner menu they have other dishes that can  be made to order vegan friendly or gluten-free options.

Appetizer and Salad Menu

Fresh Rolls -Enoki rolls are spring rolls filled with fresh veggies like romaine lettuce, cucumbers carrots and fresh basil. Crispy on the inside, sticky on the outer layer and a sweet dipping sauce to compliment both textures. I feel like it’s a different mixture of veggies every time I order them based on what’s in house and the dipping sauce is  amazing that I try to save some for my next appetizer.

Curry Potato Disk – So delicious, I mean it’s potatoes with curry and it sounds simple but the taste is divine. It’s definitely an eye opening dish of how simple things are and curry takes it to the next level always.

Noodles (Broth & Stir-Fried)

Udon Bowl with Tofu, I always order a large and add spinach with the vegetable of the day on the side. The bowls are filled with a thick udon noodle, tons of fresh herbs, veggies, sprouts and seasoned. I like my tofu puffs cooked well and I want to add if you don’t like the texture of tofu this is a dehydrated version and I think most people love this kind because there is no squishy texture at least to me.

I hope this helps on options to dine out while vegan in Buffalo, I’ll post other places because I love to eat local and you can always check me out on social media in real-time @Living_Well_De (Peace)

When you visit the noodle bar, let me know what you ordered and tell them De sent Ya!

Live Well,