What an amazing summer I’m having! Seriously this vegan lifestyle has taken me so many places and afforded me to meet wonderful people. At this moment what I’m most proud of as a born and raised Buffalo Girl is the opportunity to speak on a stage about Veganism in my hometown in front of thousands of people. Seriously geeked out…

As a woman who loves what she does in terms of outreach, activism and advocacy in wellness. Speaking in front of my community at WNYVegfest on August 6th to vegans and non-vegans, who I will more than likely see again totally has me keeping my cool. Listen, Buffalo is super small and everyone knows everyone. I’ll hear about it in these streets if it’s really good and can walk around town with a smile on my face. If it’s really bad..I learned to walk around town with a smile on my face and try again. I’m proud to say it was really good and I’m not tooting my own horn. This was unpaid crowd participated feedback (real testimonies) and vendors who could hear me gave me some high fives.

DeChantell VegTalk

What Did I Speak About?

This is really cool and interesting. I have a range of topics that I think the community likes to hear and learn about based on questions or discussions that come to me via email, text and through social media. I’m not limited to those topics and I ask for feedback from the organizers on what they think they’re community would be most interested in.

WNYVegfest founders were really open and interested in hearing me discussing the African American community health disparities. Which is huge for a city that is very segregated and making progress towards showing we are really a city of good neighbors. I’m so thankful for them and the support they provide to the Western New York community for all beings. Diversity and Inclusion is important and making sure they touch a range of topics was something expressed.

It was really easy having the support of the groups founders to discuss my life. I walked on stage being myself and a bit nervous but I pulled through it once I started discussing how I was raised.  My life story of eating soul food and how it wasn’t easy making that transition. After that everything else flowed…

I discuss how the beginning of my journey (Heart) the middle of my journey (Mind) and the end, which led me to veganism (Soul/Spirit) and a continued path today. One thing I always like to include is how important having a social life is to me and I can’t think of a better way to do that without food. Stories on exemplify compassion for the animals and human beings always leads to an extended talk. People find my belief and approach into veganism with “Ahimsa’ at the front interesting and I think it just makes my life more grand. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool discussion and I’m excited to do more speaking engagements.

What Did I Make For the Food Demo?

I wanted to do something really easy and out of the box. My goal was to make the food demo tasty and simple with the final result’s blowing participants mind. I know it’s overwhelming when you see all these pictures and videos posted to social media making you people believe it’s hard. The reality is you have to be willing to spend time in the kitchen, which I also discussed.

During the Live Demo: We made Vegan Tacos with “Raw Walnut” meat in a Romaine Lettuce Wrap. They were topped with colorful peppers and onions, then dressed with Hampton Creek chipotle mayo. Very delicious and the recipe’s below if you’re interested in making this #TacoTuesday favorite.

If you love it, share and tag me in a picture on social media when you make it!

Live Well, Eat Well, Be Well..