Quinoa pronounced  {keen-wah) is a seed often called a whole grain that should be a staple in your home to make a quick meal and a great substitute for rice.  You can easily find this whole grain at the supermarket in a white, red or black variety. Mainly grown in South America because the United States farmers weren’t prepared for the demand of this complete protein, with all the amino acids, making it valuable nutritionally.

What does it taste like? It’s describe as a nutty flavor and the black is said to be more earthy.

How do you cook it? Your going to boil two parts water for every one cup. Sometime I’ll cook mines in vegetable stock and/or add seasoning like curry if I want quinoa to take on that flavor. When the water comes to a boil be sure to lower the heat, cover the pot to simmer for about 15 minutes and sit for 5 minutes before serving for extra fluff.

Some notes I’ll like to add is to rinse off your quinoa before cooking. If you purchased the packaged instead of bulk “they say” a rinse is not needed because the manufacturer pre-washed to remove the natural saponin coating that leaves a soapy and bitter taste when cooked.

I rinse.. You also want to be careful not to over cook it and you can tell when quinoa is ready because the little rings will pop out.  My recommendation is not to stir while cooking because quinoa is naturally fluffy and after sitting will plump up.

What meals can you prepare with this seed? There’s so many and my three simple suggestions are cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch and a vegetable stir-fry bowl for dinner.

Are you inspired to prepare quinoa? Make a batch for the week and tag me in the photo.

Live Well,