Alright so annually I host a wellness conference in Buffalo N.Y. You know I was super excited to bring “Chef Ahki” to Buffalo because from a social media presence we seemed aligned and I love how she inspires healthy living for a better community. I feel her message is relatable, easy to understand and honest. However, for someone who may not be familiar with her it can be intimidating to hear especially if your listening from a distance of interested/not interested. That’s another reason why I thought it was important to have her in the queen city. I also believe it’s important to have access to people who inspire a healthier community.

Chef Ahki presence was needed and Living Well with DeChantell made it happen by her damn self, yup right in the heart of Downtown Buffalo! I’m so grateful to my partners who believe in the greater good and that’s why I was able to secure the University of Buffalo Medical Campus, Arthur O Eve Education Opportunity Center for the second year in a row. It’s safe to say this is our venue until we grow out of it. Wow, that’s so surreal and I can’t wait to announce our speaker for next year!

Staying on top of this year, I have to admit flying in a wellness activist to Buffalo to educate the community about nonhybrid foods was no easy task. However, anything is possible if you put your mind to it and that’s exactly what Chef Ahki did, educate the mind on why and how to select certain food, especially nonhybrid foods to change how you look and feel on the wellness journey.

Her keynote speech was intimate, personable and she took a picture with everyone. I even saw her pull some guest to the side for extra attention.  Personally I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her but I’m happy my guest were able to connect and see why I wanted Chef Ahki here to open the minds and hearts of women being affected by the food system. Especially Black women, it kills me to see how our bodies suffer and know that disease can be healed. Mission accomplished and there was more!

The fitness clinics were amazing, we did yoga, ab work and ‘zumba. There were breakout workshops with “Start with Sleep” and my good friend Danielle who is the bomb essential oil expert.. side note I prayed to get her because I didn’t think she would leave her country side to visit the city.. boy was I wrong! It was amazing and we had another speaker “BeFit” owner/trainer Britney.

Overall it was an amazing experience and each year I make subtle changes to keep it unique but true to what I inspire and that’s educate the community.

I want to thank Daiya Foods for being a huge support 2 years in a row!

Go VEGGIE for the amazing vegan cheese and a they were a new sponsor this year!

Follow Your Heart, Hampton creek and tofurky thank you for the swag and coupons.

Check out some photos in our newly created Facebook page to stay updated!

Live Well,