Let’s get this out the way first.. Solange is my sister-in-my-head and it was confirmed after listening to her three hour interview with Questlove Supreme that we are related. I found the interview when an ad came across my screen to check it out from Solange Pandora station. You know I was automatically interested because we’re family (wink) and I love “A Seat At The Table” so I hit the button to listen.  I thought this interview was on accident but once I listened, it felt so on purpose. Solange is very relatable and she opens up about her creativity, celebrity family, raising a son and husband relationship on the podcast. I also enjoyed her perspective on communicating openly and effectively to resolve things. We all know she taught her sister how to speak her mind. Not me, her real sister lol Beyoncé.

If you haven’t downloaded Solange new album “A Seat At The Table” do so. Her creative process behind the album sounds intentional and like she didn’t let anyone rush her process. It’s fun, eclectic and honest with narratives from Master P and her Dad (Matthew Knowles) the album has a good vibe of relevance.  You get to know her family and the business, interesting enough during the Questlove Supreme interview Solange stated it was a learning process for her as well, the project created dialogue amongst family. That was an important lesson there, church clap. We have to sit at the table more and have these discussion. Ya’ll better learn something!

There were so many things in this interview that resonated with me and I want to share one more thing I know my living well tribe would appreciate. It was her perspective on eating well and how that inspired her creative process to what Solange believe is her best work. She described it as a Rasta lifestyle adapted from a time spent in Jamaica and it was the best work she had written. Vegan eating had awakened her sole and creativity beyond measures. You see why this message was on purpose for me. Planning this retreat to Jamaica, influencing people to adapt a vegan lifestyle, shoot I’m happy with a healthy lifestyle that influences a better life.  I just want people to feel amazing and live their best life..

When we live in our purpose and share it without restrictions, the universe responds.  In the interview with QuestLove Supreme, Solange talks about how she ran away from the response after releasing the album. I thought that was magical. She describes the process of putting it out there, then running away not to be distracted by the world. Oh wee that is love and magic…How can you not appreciate it? We do and Thank You Solange!

I felt her introvert/extrovert spirit because I am one. I’ll give it to you but I don’t want to know what you think because I’ll also give it to you (open fist/closed fist) for disrespecting what I gave you. I always say I’m not an artist but I support and feel artist love to create and maybe share. Thank You again Solange and Questlove Supreme for sharing.

One more thing, for real..Speaking of creating and Pandora getting into the podcast business!! It’s about time because I’ve been searching for podcast forever. How can I listen to Kevin Hart comedy but I can’t find my favorite motivator who has 110 episodes..Okay bring it back but Pandora needs to get in touch with me so we can get more of this and be sure to support our artist in this blog, by sharing.

Live Well,