First let me say “Thank You” to Brown Vegan (Monique) for spending two busy days in Buffalo N.Y. for our first annual New Year, Be You Wellness Conference. I stalked Brown Vegan for sometime before I actually asked her to come. We laugh now because it’s a true friendship but I was lurking for a long time. Once I decided to reach out she said..”no way I could say no because you were so sweet”.  Okay, there’s go my street credit but really I had to ensure she knew how to get the healthy living message across to our audience. I wanted participants to leave the conference informed.

What I loved about Brown Vegan was that she transitioned families into veganism, speaks on long-term goals and shares her family journey with others. Very open, honest and clear in the message of transition and I thought that was important for everyone to know.  One of the many things I here that causes delay of transitioning into veganism is.. my family won’t eat that.  So I said, let’s bring someone who can help you and the family into transition. Tanah, Introducing Brown Vegan! lol

Now, she spent two days in Buffalo.  Day one was a private dinner sitting down with a few attendees of the conference and really having a one-on-one conversation over amazing vegan food. Day two was the New Year, Be You Wellness Conference where she would speak to an audience about transitioning.  If you attended she actually stayed and hung out with everyone and you still had the opportunity to tell her how/if she impacted your life. Brown Vegan answered question, gave a presentation and ate with us.  I love that she said I don’t know everything but I can help you with what I do know. Very down to earth and thank you my friend for being apart of my vision.

This event was surrounded by our keynote speaker Brown Vegan but we had two additional speakers Coach G Cope and Shannon Connors Fitness. Some demos of Zumba by Dacia, Yoga from East Meets West Studio, Reflexology by Laura Jean, Guided Imagery meditation by Erin Moss and vendors Calming Nature Birth Doula by Shannon Johns, Acupuncture Works and Reflexology, Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY, American Lung Cancer Association, Zandra Beauty.  Shout out to the wonderful food by Buffalo Plant Burger and sponsors Emmy’s and Daiya for their support.

This couldn’t do it alone, so thank you to my friends Melissa, Tamara and Tosha for setting up and everyone attendee support was noticed. I look forward to bringing another keynote to Buffalo, continuing education for the community to transition and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Want to know more? Check out the video below on the event!

 New Year, Be You Wellness Conference video.

Live Well,