Hey, I’m hoping you read my previous post and you’re ready for the details on my week in Thailand. This trip was everything and it was my first stop in South East Asia. Let me say this,  I’m so fortunate and blessed that the money was available for me to go and I’m very grateful the stars aligned for me to celebrate my birthday there.

This was a trip of travel noir and it kept the internet wondering where I was going next. I posted some photos on Instagram and will do a collage for YouTube to show you more of the things I did but you want details, right!

Well, the first thing I want to cover is how long it took me to get there. I’m asked this a lot and TBH my vison board had the destination but I had no idea the hours it was gong to take for me to arrive in Thailand from Buffalo and I also didn’t care. All I knew was my soul needed a destination that aligned with me and my life at this current moment. Did I actually believe Thailand was going to happen? Yes, because it was part of the vision but I had no idea when it was going  to show itself true. Fast forward months later after creating my vision board, my friend  who knew nothing about this list asked If I wanted to join her on a trip to Thailand. I shouted “Of Course” and in that moment I also knew Bali was happening and I was going alone. He’s Intentional!

I’ll break down the flight and you tell me how long you think it took to arrive..  I went from Buffalo to New York City, New York to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Phuket,  with the longest flight being New York to  Hong Kong for 15 hours. Total duration (drum roll, please) twenty five hours and ten minutes. Now, leading up to take off I was excited you couldn’t tell me nothing. I handled that flight like a “G” and did my little walks in the aisle and plane exercises in the back. Returning home  I wanted a first class seat and was ready to risk it all to pay for it.. lol but I took my ass to the back like a second class citizen. I’m traveling first class to and from South Africa! #Vision2018

Finally we arrive in Phuket late, it was maybe 5pm but dark and my friend (Theresa) hustled us a cab to the condo we rented. It was three bedrooms with two full baths, balcony with an amazing view of the jungle. My cousin (Alisha) hated the bathroom we shared because there were rocks in the shower. Earthy me was like YASSSS! We also had a house keeper who was very friendly, we ate out everyday and I developed a love/hate relationship with rice by the time we left Thailand. We’ll get to that later…

What the hell my black azz did in Thailand!?
I was excited to experience 1.The Elephant Sanctuary and 2. Monks (I want to marry the closest version to that Peace Swag as God sees fit). My friend, Theresa wanted to attend a Muay Thai fight and with all due respect to the Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej passing (October 13,2016) after a 70 year reign many activities were cancelled until after his cremation ceremony (October 26,2017) a year later.

However, what we did get out of that or at least I did was Kindness Is Gangsta. The country was on pause and the Thai people were allowed to mourn for a whole year. We were there when the ceremony occurred and saw how much respect and love the people had for their King. For many, he was the only ruler they’ve known and his people were a true representation of him. Listen ,there were gold statues all over this country.. Real Gold All Over and lights shinning down on them to show how regal and celebrated he was. It was beautiful to experience and I’m so grateful that I was  able to be apart of their culture for that moment. I don’t have pictures out of respect but the memories are forever with me and how the people treated us was so kind.

We also hung out with tons of animals including my favorite and best BORNDAY EVER at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket. We posed with Lions (next post), chilled with Monkeys and relaxed on the beach while indulging in selfcare Thai Massages for $5-$8US.

If you thought my trip to Phuket was amazing, I went somewhere else. Still in Thailand but traveling to Bangkok the capitol and final destination of our trip as a group. Yes to living our best life!  Now we were only visiting for 24 hours, this wasn’t a layover flight but a planned day trip.  Alisha and I decided to not change clothes, try the traffic (crazy traffic) and immediately catch an Uber to Wat Pho one of the oldest temples, listed as the first and highest grade first-class royal out of six.

Wat Pho is considered the first public university of Thailand and holds study in traditional medicine and massage. This is the home of the Reclining Buddha, said to be a lion reclining. It represents the entry of Buddha into Nirvana and the end of reincarnations. This cultural icon is huge at 46 meters in length (105 feet) and 15 meters (49 feet) in height from the base to the top knot. My pictures does this no justice and I’m still in awe from this experience.  Overall  I had  an  amazing  time in Thailand. Based on my trip  I would  recommend you do all this but also include Chang Mai it’s said to be cheaper than Phuket.

What enjoyed most about my trip is the weather and relaxing on the beach. I really enjoy a beach life…

I promise to do a video because there’s so much more to this trip than my post can tell you. You need to see the food, beaches, people, excursions and our house. Please feel free to leave questions in the comments and I’ll reply or answer them on my channel.


You can check out pictures on my Instagram or YouTube channel.

Live Well,