I’m super excited to offer a group wellness experience at Aura Holistic Wellness Center. This facility provides a Himalayan salt hand and foot detox, a sauna room and salt cave. The salt cave will be the local group excursion on October 15th at 3:00pm. You can expect time with yourself for 45 minutes in a recreated natural salt mine and time with me as a meditative wellness guide.

Visiting a salt cave was on my list for a while and sharing it with a group is mind blowing. Prior to Aura opening, the nearest salt cave listed was in Ellicottville or Canada. I had no plans on taking that drive anytime soon but kept it on my bucket list. When news broke that a cave opened in the suburbs of Buffalo, East Amherst. I knew this was my time to get it on the calendar and make it happen sooner than later…

I took the day off to handle some much needed business, then somehow I decided to venture out to Aura’s Holistic Wellness Center. My plan entering the facility was to speak to the owner, get some info and make an appointment. Well all this happened, plus I ended up in the cave for a treatment. It was a beautiful experience that I’ll walk you through and hopefully see you on this local group trip I’m hosting. Click here to join me.

How was the salt cave experience?

Every top of the hour if there’s room, walk-ins can experience the Halotherapy cave. This is how I was able to join the next session. I was in shock and excited to have the opportunity, Kelly the owner said it was meant to be. This place is busy, please make note that although appointment’s are not needed. Showing up does not guarantee you’ll get in so call ahead, especially for large groups.

Once I got over the excitement, I started to get ready for my session. You have to complete a new client form, my recommendation is to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to relax in  because you’ll either have to remove them (shoes) or put slip overs on to protect the salt when entering the cave. The shoe covers are provided by the wellness center. I’m going in..

It’s the top of the hour and I enter a room glowing with 20,000 pounds of pink salt on the floor, wall and ceiling. The salt lamps create a light essence and the halogenerator pushes a dry salt aerosol into the atmosphere.  You’re told not to wear any perfumes or essential oils due to the respiratory stimulation and other ailments used to recover during this process.

Once inside you’re placed in a zero-gravity chair with a microfiber blanket to relax, disconnect, meditate and forget about the stress. You can walk around but keep in mind how this will affect others in your session.  My sessions are for private groups and you’ll have the opportunity to explore, meditate and find peace. Book here..

Forty-minutes into the session you’ll receive a knock to signal the final five minutes of your experience. At the end a wellness representative will enter the room and escort the group out to gather belonging and dispose your shoe covers. Walking out your feeling relaxed and refreshed to conquer the day.

Overall, it was a beautiful experience and I’m excited to share with a group. This will be very personal and open to everyone so bring a friend and book with me immediately space is limited.

I hope to see you there and click here to join me!

Live Well,