Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting L.A. to attend the Vegan Street Fair and if you follow me on Instagram you saw all fun and excitement! This annual vegan food celebration where local vegans, vegan-friendly restaurants and vegan vendors gather to serve well us all in one place.  Now, this was my first time attending the event so I did some research and set my expectations as it’s the taste of Buffalo but all vegan food and maybe some other stuff. Let me tell you the reality, it was way more than that. The streets were “Lit” like seriously!

I mean it was food vendors, several DJ’s, music blasting and people dancing everywhere. There was family activities like rock climbing.  Did I mention food was all over the place, I was seriously overwhelmed because I love food and I wanted to eat with everyone and I couldn’t because it was over 100 vendors. Yes over 100 food vendors, this includes food trucks people. Stop it.. They had dipping dots!

There was also information provided on plant based eating, beauty vendors, clothing vendors. I mean it was diversity every damn where. Did I mention food trucks, food tents, vegan influencers, celebrities and locals have an all good time.

So you’re probably like.. I need to be at the next you and you’re right! Good thing is they host two additional events annually.  Vegan Street Fair “New York” and back to Los Angeles for Vegan Street Fair “Nights” and guess who will be there.. Me! Yes, so don’t worry about coming alone. I’m in these street like Jennifer and Brandy and you can *uck with me..

If you plan on attending I do recommend to grab a VIP Pass because that allows special access to vendors lines, lounge and swag. Oh and let me tell you the swag is on point. My YouTube video (here) shows all the swag bag details, well I ate the Hippeas but everything else is there.

Seriously it’s so much to do there and I’m happy to be apart of this amazing #EatAllThingsVegan and #BuyAllThingsVegan event. You really get a good experience for free entry, food samples are $4 cash per bite, there’s entertainment and again your favorite vegan influencers like me or.. Well you’ll just have to check it out in NY or LA there’s still time to get in on the fun.

I want to give a special shout out to Baby Love Sweetery, there Cupcake kabobs were amazing. Krimsley’s Cali – Cajun were I wanted to visit so bad and was able to thanks to this festival the Louisiana style vegan café served an “Open Faced Jambalaya Slider”. There was so much food and I tried to eat it all but you can check out my video on the experience here or to get further insight check out the link below for all food, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and travel vendors.  I hope to see you there and shout out to all the sponsors of the event!

Vegan Street Fair Vendors 

Live Well, Eat Well and Be Well