Why Haiti? This question was asked the most when people found out my retreat location was in Jacmel, Haiti. I thought it was ignorant to even ask and not do the research. It also made me feel some type of way. You mean to tell me with all this innovation, this is a serious question. I didn’t know how to answer people because I’m thinking why not Haiti! A place where everyone looks like me but doesn’t have a pinch of the opportunity, a place where they share an island with the Dominican Republic but are being treated like shit.. Why not Haiti? They need us to turn that negative connotation into a more positive conversation. That’s what I hope sharing this retreat did, change the perception of what Haiti is based on others experience and I want people to start asking how they can help this country grow. Truth moment, Haiti is the poorest on the Western Hemisphere but they don’t lack wealth.

It is the people living outside the country causing the pain and rumoring the stories. They feed you to believe this shouldn’t be a place of relaxation and restoration. That’s a lie because we got every bit of get yourself together in Haiti. The real question that needs to be asked is… Why are the people so poor with needs in basic services? I still don’t know how to directly answer this. I can tell you every single woman on this retreat had a moment of gratitude and an opportunity that left them saying… Why not Haiti, they are so rich.

Top 3 Reasons Haitians are Richer than U.S.

1. Haiti is the country that started the end of slavery.

2. Haitians have an amazing spirit and work ethic.

3. The Haitian language, food, art and music is pure creativity of their heritage.

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