My journey to living a healthy lifestyle is forever advancing. I would say most of the time the house functions the way I want it to and that’s all due to me being mindful of the journey. I can’t force this lifestyle on anyone so respecting others space helps me transition the house and educate my family to live their best life.

This is a constant process especially when you have kids or you’re in a relationship with a carnivore.  It would be great to say everybody will get along but that’s not true. Remember you didn’t get here overnight so don’t expect them too as well.  The house will challenge you at times , learn to step back, set reminders to reflect on the small successes and continue to encourage no matter what they say. 


One of the many transitions I made was with soap; I switched from a commercial brand to using local artisan soap by Zandra.  Why? I’ve learned that most commercial soaps will strip your skin of its normal and natural oils,  How? Based on ingredients most commercial brands can be considered dish soap or laundry soap making them synthetic.  Yup, grab that bar of soap now and review Dirty Dozen: “The 12 Most Common Skin Irritants” list and see #1.

This list caused me to look at another bad habit I had while washing my body. I was using baby oil gel (cocoa butter) in the hot shower. My skin felt smooth and these legs looked amazing but I learned the long term effect of doing this could risk clogged pours and possibly cause cancer. Thankfully Zandra Beauty carries and extended line of skin care so I was able to purchase sugar scrubs, which gave my legs the same feeling without the use of mineral oils.

You want to a local artisan, right?

The process of selecting a local artisan was the same as buying local fruits or vegetables. You can find them at farmers markets, artisan markets and local vendor fairs.

Things you want to ask your local maker…

How it’s being made, where it’s being made and why is this brand important to support.  Zandra Beauty is handmade using the finest ingredients in Buffalo N.Y.  I could visit the studio anytime to purchase my products or visit a local retailer who carries the brand.  No matter how I purchased including online, 10% of all sales goes to a non-profit called Girl Education Collaborative (GEC).  That’s not the coolest thing Zandra is 15 years old and she started her company at the age of 9 with family support.  I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to, check out Zandra!

Making the switch to artisan soap is supportive in more ways than benefiting your health.

1.       It helps the economy when you purchase local, I like my money to circulate!

2.       You can connect with a local artisan to ensure the ingredients are sustainable.

3.       Handmade soaps come in many varieties; a larger selection helps avoid ingredients you may be allergic to.

Here’s a recommendation for the men in the house or my male readers.

I purchased Shea Moisture Mens Collection.

Shea Moisture

It’s amazing and all that good stuff above, if you get a chance check out the CEO Richelieu Dennis.

 Psss It keeps him out of your supply.  Men are simple!

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